DCS Student Supply List Grades 7-12

Please use any supplies left over from last year.  
It is essential that all student belongings are clearly marked/labelled.  
We have been asked to limit the amount of supplies the students have in the classroom.
Please be aware that you may be asked to send extra supplies from home throughout the year as needed. 

In order to avoid teachers handling supplies, we ask that you have your student prepare and label their belongings ahead of time


(students will have limited access to their lockers; learning materials stored in the classroom)

Pencil Case (students not permitted to share items)

Water bottle
(fountains are not operational, water filling stations are open)

Personal Hand Sanitizer


(if hot food is required; no microwave access)

2” ring binders Supply of blue/black/red pens 

1” ring binders Highlighter 

Supply of dividers 

USB Memory Stick 

Looseleaf Markers 

Package of reinforcements Pencil Crayons 

Scientific calculator Large Glue Stick 

Geometry Set Pencil Case 

Metric ruler Scissors 

HB pencils (not plastic wrapped) 

Box of Kleenex 

Students are also required to change for gym.
(Clothing advertising alcohol or tobacco are not accepted and will not be permitted.)
A pair of non-marking soled shoes will also be required for Phys. Ed. 

Dinsmore Composite School has a two-shoe policy.  Students are required to remove their outdoor footwear when they enter the building.  Please ensure your son/daughter has a 2nd pair of shoes/footwear for indoor use. 

Have a great summer and stay safe and healthy!  
School resumes on September 8, 2020