September 21, 2020 - School News


Dear DCS Families,

As week two of the new school year draws to a close, things at DCS are moving along well. We have adjusted quickly to the increased safety measures including limiting cohorts, use of masks, increased hand hygiene, and physical distancing.

Here are a few updates from the school:

  • Nut Aware – Just a reminder that we are a nut aware school. This means that products containing nuts (e.g. peanuts, tree nuts) are not allowed. To ensure the safety of all staff and students, please ensure that lunches and snacks are nut-free.
  • VTRA Fair Notice – As part of our commitment to the West Central Community Threat Risk Assessment and Support Protocol, I would like to remind families of the schools’ duties in the case of a threat. More information is available on the attached Fair Notice document.
  • School Start – The school doors are opened daily at 8:35 a.m. and students are asked to go directly to their first-period classroom. There is no morning supervision on the playground as teachers are in their classrooms welcoming students for the day.
  • Absences – If your child will be away from the school, please contact the office 306-846-2188.
  • Daily Self-Assessment - If your child is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please follow the daily assessment information on our school website:
  • Bus Dismissal – At the end of each day, we are staggering our bus dismissal to ensure safe physical distancing in the hallways and boot rooms. This means dismissal takes a little more time. Thanks for your continued patience.
  • Parent Pick Up – Parents are asked to call the school when picking up their child from school during the day. We will send the student out to meet the parent through the appropriate door. If the student is returning, they will need to come in through the main entrance.
  • Terry Fox Run – Students at DCS will be participating in the annual Terry Fox Run on Tuesday, September 22. Unlike other years and abiding with COVID-19 precautions, parents and the public will not be invited to participate with students. Pledges can be made online and through any student at the school. All students have pledge sheets and we request that they be returned bagged so as not to post a risk to those who are handling the donations. Students and staff will participate in the Run in their separate cohorts with staggered starts to ensure physical distancing.
  • DCS Milk Program – Chocolate and white milk will be available to purchase by students wanting it for lunch. Each carton costs $1.25 and can be purchased individually or you can buy a punch card for $20 which is good for 17 cartons. Punch cards can be shared with family members. This year, milk will be delivered to students prior to lunchtime. If you are interested in purchasing a milk card, please send $20 to school with your child.
  • Leaving School – Students who are leaving the school grounds during the school day are required to stop at the office and sign out. We require parent/guardian confirmation that the student has permission to leave. Thanks for helping with this!
  • Extra-Curricular Sports – This year, all extra-curricular activities require the submission of a safety plan to the Division Office for approval. DCS has submitted plans for Cross Country (Grades 3-12) and Volleyball (Grades 5-12) to the Division. More information will follow next week.
  • Visitors – At this time, we continue to limit school visitors. Anyone wishing to visit the school may call the office for information about our safety protocols.

Thanks for another great week! 

Take care - stay safe ~

Mrs. Jade Ballek


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