Telemiracle Donation

Naverah Ramsay


The SRC members of our school got the chance to do an On Air Presentation at Telemiracle on Sunday February 26th! The students, Abby Friesen, Sierra Tully, Pia Sol, and Megan Reiber, went to Saskatoon with Ms. de Caux to give our donation of $3,293.95 to Telemiracle! A big thank-you to Mr. Terry Epp for giving our group a behind-the-scenes tour of the production trailer and the work and organization that goes out to such a large, televised event! Another staff member, Kristin Ward (Dinsmore Kinettes), worked during the telethon.

We have definitely shared and shown how much effort our school put into fundraising with many ways, like the bake sale, balloon pop, waffle breakfast, and coin collecting for the past month. 

Congratulations to Meyer & Addison Sawyer for collecting the most pledges for our Telemiracle Skate-a-thon! They had both raised $225 for a family total of $450. Please come to the office to claim your Telemiracle teddy bear and your photo op! Another big thank you goes to Abby & Charity Pajunen for raising a total of $400. 

Thank you to all of DCS students and staff members for helping us achieve a grand total of $3,293.95 for Telemiracle!

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