Attendance at School During COVID-19 - Students

Assess daily to determine if your child should attend school. 

This is a guide only; the specifics of each case will be assess and at times may result in a different decision than indicated above.


Self-Monitor: monitor yourself for symptoms of respiratory illness, such as fever, cough, sore throat and difficulty
breathing. Avoid crowded places and increase your personal space from others when possible.

Self-Isolate: stay at home, monitor yourself for symptoms for 14 days, avoid all contact with others and follow local
public health authority advice.

Close contact: provided direct care to someone or had direct contact with infectious body fluids of a person without consistent and appropriate use of recommended PPE, lived with or had prolonged contact with a probable or confirmed case.

Casual contact: being in the presence of or having limited direct contact for minimal period/s of time.