Connecting Parents and School 

DCS School Community Council

The DCS School Community Council has a long-standing tradition of supporting various school activities throughout the year. This vibrant group is responsible for many of events throughout the year that bring families and school staff together. This committee meets monthly to plan events and provide input to the school on various topics. 
We would like to extend a thank you to our committee members for volunteering to be part of our SCC! Your continued support makes a difference! 

What our SCC Members say about getting involved:

"We feel SCC is important in creating communication between parents and school. We help connect these two. We especially enjoy doing fun things at the school with the students throughout the year!"

"Being on the SCC makes me feel more connected to my kids school and teachers!  It gives me an opportunity to share my opinion, help out when needed and a great sense of involvement."

 President: Gavin Blackwell
 Secretary: Twyla Norris
 Treasurer: Stacey Pajunen
School Representatives: Jade Ballek (principal), Lori Beattie (staff representative), Dailey Wollen (student representative)
 Board Representative: Sue Lytle
 Members: Melissa Bencharksi, Erin Green, Jodi Kako, Megan Keeler, Marie Somerville