RAZ Kids

What is RAZ Kids?
RAZ Kids is an online platform that allows students to practice math skills through interactive activities, games and challenges. Dinsmore School has purchased online licences for students in Grades K-4.

How it is used?
At DCS, students use RAZ Kids as part of our reading program. Students can access books that are "just right" for their reading level. There are also questions after stories to help students understand what they read. 

How can families use it?
Families who are practicing at-home reading can use RAZ Kids using a laptop, computer, iPad or smartphone..  

How can my child log in?
Each K-4 student has been given a unique username and password to access RAZ Kids. 
- On an iPad/smartphone: Students can log into their RAZ Kids account from iPads using the the Kids A-Z app.
- On a laptop/computer: Students can log in to their RAZ Kids account using the link at the bottom of the page.

Click on the link below to access RAZ Kids. 

Having Trouble?
Please email your student's teacher for more information.

RAZ Kids Link