What is Moodle?
Moodle is an online platform that allows students to take online courses. It is called an LMS (Learning Management System). 

How it is used?
It is used by the Sun West Distance Learning Centre but it also used by DCS teachers.
Students can be enrolled in DCS Moodle courses to access at home learning. For example, math students use Moodle to access how to videos that support their textbook and classroom learning. 

How can families use it?
DCS teachers who have courses set up in Moodle will provide students a link to the course and an enrolment key. For example, Mr. Morrison's Grade 7/8 math classes have been enrolled in the Blended Math videos for their grade. Teachers will provide enrolment information via email to students. 

How can my child log in?
Students log into Moodle with the same Sun West username/email address and password they use to log into the computers at the school.

Click on the link below to access Moodle

Having Trouble?
Don't know your password? Please email your student's teacher for more information.