Pearson e-Texts

What are e-Texts?
Pearson e-Text is an online platform that allows students to access Pearson textbooks online. Only textbooks that are used by Sun West School Division are accessible to schools. 

How it is used?
At DCS, students may use e-texts in Math, Social, and Science.

How can families use it?
Families can access Pearson e-texts either using a laptop, computer, iPad or smartphone.

How can my child log in?
Students using e-texts at DCS have been given a unique username and password that they will need to log in to the portal. 
- On an iPad/smartphone: Students can log into the Saskatchewan portal from the iPad app. Download the app here
- On a laptop/computer: Students can log in to the Saskatchewan portal using the link at the bottom of the page.

Click on the link below to access the Saskatchewan Portal. 

Having Trouble?
Please email your student's teacher for more information.